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Organizing a Music Event

30 August 2017
concerti, musica dal vivo, live events

OOOH.Events is the perfect tool to manage ticket sales for a music event. A club, pub or restaurant owner, who is thinking of organizing a live music event often has the doubt to whether use professional tools to promote his

Organizing a seminar, a training course or a conference

29 August 2017
corsi, formazione, seminari

OOOH.Events is the perfect tool to manage the sale of admissions for training courses or seminars, conferences or trade shows – also for free entrances, and registrations to press conferences or product presentations. Create your event, input your prices –

Organizing a guided tour, an exhibition or day trips

28 August 2017
visite guidate

A guided tour on an archaeological site? A tour to discover the artistic sides of a city? A day trip in the beauty of nature? If your job is to help people discover the beauties around the world, OOOH.Events is

Organizing a food experience event or tasting venue

27 August 2017
corsi di cucina

The advantage of utilizing a professional tool – like OOOH.Events – is that it allows you to promote your event thoroughly and effectively (on social network, with newsletter, banners, etc.) and reach also those potential clients that still don’t know

Managing a sport center or sport event

26 August 2017

In the event you own of a sports center with tennis courts, football pitches or beach volley courts which are rented to customers normally, you can use this system to manage your daily rents: If you rent by the hour,

Combining a ticket sale to gadget, concession, service sale: bundle sales

25 August 2017

The golden rule of e-commerce is: once you have drawn your customer’s attention, try sell him all you can! A little brutal maybe but the point is that drawing a customer’s attention requires skill and effort; when we manage to

Organizing a last minute offer

24 August 2017

The purpose of a last minute offer is to optimize occupancy of your location: better little than nothing. When we have our location empty – whether it is an event, a seminar, a show or a sports center, our goal

Organizing an event and the Customer Experience

23 August 2017

Organizing an event requires to manage correctly the sale process. As for all other types of event it is imperative that you need to ensure a perfect customer experience. Relationship with customer/participant/spectator begins on-line, on the web (PC or smart