Combining a ticket sale to gadget, concession, service sale: bundle salesThe golden rule of e-commerce is: once you have drawn your customer’s attention, try sell him all you can! A little brutal maybe but the point is that drawing a customer’s attention requires skill and effort; when we manage to do so we need to obtain the largest benefit possible. So, if our benefit is also a better service for our customers, we can say that we have done are duty properly.
Practically it means:

  • I am selling tickets for a concert and I have license to sell merchandising so I have scarfs, T-shirts, pins, caps, mugs, etc that (hopefully) will find customers appreciation.
  • I am organizing a course, a seminar, a trade show, a congress: beyond participation fee I would like to offer my customers a coupon for lunch and/or dinner a goody bag with gadgets and information material, a working kit with books and brochures.
  • I own a cinema: I want to offer ticket + pop corn and soda;
  • furthermore on cinemas, I want to offer a combo deal ticket + sushi because I have a partnership agreement with the Japanese restaurant next door.
  • I own a sports center together with the court rent I want to offer a set of tennis balls or an isotonic drink.
  • I am a school principal and I am organizing the yearly school camp. Together with the participation fee I want to offer the school kit uniform for the camp (T-shirt and cap) at a convenient price.

These above mentioned possibilities are only some of the examples where a ticketing system combined with e-commerce allows us to optimize a sale by proposing several items with one transaction. It is commonly known that if a sale of several products was divided in so many distinct transactions, the second or third sale will much likely be canceled; to better explain: once the customer has bought his ticket it is highly unlikely that he will buy a second item for the same event.

Instead, if we propose the second item prior to the check out procedure we can count on the impulse buying effect and increase the dramatically the possibility of selling twice instead of selling once only.

On top of this, and besides improving sales, this procedure allows us a rationalize stock. Knowing in advance how many customers will want sushi or pop corn at the 9 pm show, t-shirts size large or medium at the concert, becomes highly beneficial for a efficient stock control, therefore, cost effectiveness.

OOOH.Events is designed to extensively fulfill to all these requirements and also allow to manage invoices and fiscal receipts separately for the same transaction – eventually with the third party letter head.

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