Managing a sport center or sport eventIn the event you own of a sports center with tennis courts, football pitches or beach volley courts which are rented to customers normally, you can use this system to manage your daily rents: If you rent by the hour, each hour could be considered an “event” which will have a limited number of “available admissions” (1 to 4 in case of a tennis/beach volley court” – 1 to 10 for a 5-a-side football pitch” – etc).

By utilizing such system, it will be much easier for you to know how much of your facility has been located and, above all, you will have no more hassle in managing the money side of the business as these customers will already have paid for it. On top of this, it will be beneficial to the customer the opportunity of booking his pitch/court from his desktop or smart phone whenever he wants which means simplifying a process which leads to eliminating barriers and increasing sales.

Furthermore: your locations will have a higher visibility on the Internet and will be easier for potential users to find you or to learn about you so to transform them into new customers.

Last but not least: you can analyze the performances of your business – and occupancy of your facility – in a precise and detailed way, so to understand which time span is highly requested and maybe optimizing occupancy on weak periods of the day by making convenient deals (better little than nothing).

By the way: if you want to make a bundle offer, you can do so with OOOH.Events: you can combine the sale of a T-shirt, set of tennis balls, isotonic drinks etc together with the admission ticket. This service will allow your customer to appreciate a simple and complete offer.

OOOH.Events offers you all these functionalities and costs you only a small fee which is charged only when your customer has completed its purchase. In other words: you pay (little) only once you get paid.

With us, you can access a no-risk professional ticketing system with all its benefits.

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