Organizing a food experience event or tasting venueThe advantage of utilizing a professional tool – like OOOH.Events – is that it allows you to promote your event thoroughly and effectively (on social network, with newsletter, banners, etc.) and reach also those potential clients that still don’t know who you are …

A winery owner who is thinking of organizing a special “tasting” event of his new product or an organization of businesses wishes to propose a sampling event of its local product, often find themselves “stuck” on how to promote their business on the market.

You will know in advance how many people will participate and, if necessary, make those amendments to make your event more attractive: you can evaluate whether your communication strategy has been adequate or if you need to activate new advertising to gather more admissions; should you need to modify your prices or create a last minute offer is very important that, as you create your event with a tool like OOOH.Events, the information you provide is simple and clear.

Use the FAQ tool to inform your customers the gimmicks of your event  – if there are any restrictions or to provide useful advice. The clearer you will be the lesser problems you will have once your event starts. Negative “word of mouth” is 100 time more efficient than a positive one!!!!

Write the “how to” conditions clearly. If you have a refund policy (in case a customer does’n’t show up for any reason) – or if your event is suitable for children or if pets are allowed to your event …

With OOOH.Events you can sell your admission tickets and combine more services to make the global offer more appealing. Beyond the tasting itinerary, you can arrange for a guided tour at the production site or a promenade in the vineyard during grape harvest. The only limit is your immagination.

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