Organizing a last minute offerThe purpose of a last minute offer is to optimize occupancy of your location: better little than nothing. When we have our location empty – whether it is an event, a seminar, a show or a sports center, our goal is to maximize our total revenues as our costs have, probably, already been sustained.

Specifically, there are two circumstances which make last minute offers an interesting opportunity:

  • if a product/service is ”dead” (or close to it). For example, in a movie theater a movie on the third week will probably draw very little attendance

  • If sales have not given the expected results because the sold product/service has not been appreciated well enough.

Unfortunately, performances are not always subject to how much effort we put into making something successful: a movie, for example, could have not been promoted well enough by the distributor (or not been promoted at all! And that happens) so public has not been informed properly; a music band, at the beginning of its career, may not be recognized as a premium price band and potential patrons may feel that it not worth the money; a sports center has periods of the day with no or limited sales.

In all the above circumstances, whether it is a music, show, theater, a seminar or a sports center, by proposing a product with the “last minute” formula, last minute offers allow to capture those customers that are interested but have budget constrains or simply don’t want to pay full price for that single event.

Searching for the bargain deal has been the key to success for many web companies which sell coupons (ie: Groupon, Privalia etc) by presenting a very convenient offer for a limited period of time and leverage on customer’s emotional side who search the opportunity to save money.
The disadvantage of these coupons sales web sites is that it is expensive for retailers or service providers . On one side the offer proposed has to be attractive for customers and on the other side commissions for the web company are often over 50% of the price proposed. The result of this is that retailers have no margin on these deals or, even worse, negative margins.

With OOOH.Events you can create last minute offers in a quick and easy way with very convenient fees. If you own/manage a movie theater, a concert hall a museum in which you already use a ticketing system, you can still utilize OOOH.Events to manage your last minute events: you customer will buy tickets on OOOH.Events and receive an electronic ticket that will, then, be converted into a fiscal receipt when they access your facility.

In all other cases, where a fiscal receipt is not requested – courses, seminars, sports centers, etc – the ticket issued by OOOH.Events will be the only document required to attend the event/service.

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