Organizing a seminar, a training course or a conferenceOOOH.Events is the perfect tool to manage the sale of admissions for training courses or seminars, conferences or trade shows – also for free entrances, and registrations to press conferences or product presentations.

Create your event, input your prices – if it is a paid event – or select the free of charges event, input all the descriptions you feel comfortable with, upload pictures videos and text you need to give better knowledge – publish it!

You can upload more than one picture or video to present your event or you can input a link to another site to allow potential customers to download info and docs .

You can link your contact list and manage your message sending options with OOOH.Events, or else you can use one of the service options linked to OOOH.Events (through Zapier, like MailChimp).

Managing a course or seminar with an advanced ticketing platform like OOOH.Events allows you to monitor your sales in real time.

For example, if you have published an article on a magazine with regards to you activity (with a page link on OOOH.Events) or you gave an interview, you can verify immediately the effectiveness of the contents by consulting sales statistics in real time.

You could purchase advertising spaces or editorials with the CPA formula – cost per acquisition – so to pay for advertising only if you have sold a ticket.

If the training course /seminar foresees didactic material (ie. Text book – Hardware) you could start selling such material on OOOH.Events by creating a combined offer to a product (or more products maybe by creating quantity discounts) so to motivate sales actions.

This is also applicable in the case where your seminar foresees a work lunch or closing dinner: you could start selling the participation coupons so to understand in advance how many clients will remain for lunch or dinner.

Possibilities offered by a tool like OOOH.Events that combines ticketing system specifications to e-commerce makes our platform versatile and complete.

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