OOOH.Events Features

OOOH.Events is an online ticketing platform
With OOOH.Events you can create your event (music, sport, course, seminar, tourism, gourmet, etc.) and manage ticket sales in a simple and effective way.
OOOH.Events offers you functionalities which are normally found in sophisticated professional (and expensive) ticketing systems: ticket sales through maps, seats assignments, last minute and early birds offers, combined sales of tickets + gadgets/concessions.

Who should use OOOH.Events

OOOH.Events is the ideal tool to manage ticket presales for music, theater, opera, live performances, exhibition, trade shows and cultural sites events.

  • OOOH.Events is useful to those who do not need a permanent ticketing system but need to manage customer entrances – paid or free from charge – to: seminars, conferences, training courses, political committees or association/syndication meetings but also restaurants, tastings, tourism, guided tours and vacation packages .
  • It works for those who want to use a fiscal system but do not want to buy one; for those who have a fiscal system but want to be able to use functionalities that the system owned doesn’t have (or expensive to implement): last minute/early bids management, online pre sales, bundle sales (ticket + dinner, ticket + T-shirt or simply ticket + popcorn + soda )
  • It works as a cheap alternative to couponing web sites
  • It works for those who want to organize a tournament, or a 5-a-side football game, or want to rent the tennis court or the sport center. (ie. The sports center owner that wants to manage the bookings calendar of the football pitch or tennis court.)
  • It works if you want to organize a motorbike rally, a bike ride with a group or a visit in an archeology site
  • It works for those who want to enjoy a professional tool for an amateur event like a birthday party or a wedding anniversary.
  • It works for the pub or the club that wants to manage admission sales or the drinks for a live music event or a theme party.

OOOH.Events is a powerful and flexible tool that allows you to manage the entire sales: from the event presentation, communication, ticket sales, admission management, after event analysis.

You can utilize OOOH.Events as a sole system for your online sales or together with other similar systems: There are no exclusivity conditions! In fact, using different systems you will be able to give extended visibility to your event and verify which system is either more efficient and/or, above all, which one gives the best experience to your customer.