Peppe Voltarelli – Roma – 6 marzo 2021
Auditorium Parco Della Musica
Roma,Via Pietro De Coubertin,30
Peppe Voltarelli

Peppe Voltarelli – Roma – 6 marzo 2021

6 marzo 2021 - 21:00
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Born in 1969 in Cosenza, south of Italy, singer, writer and composer, Peppe Voltarelli creates, in 1990 in Bologna, the band , a band mixing rock and calabrian folk music. In 1995 he finishes attending the faculty of "DAMS" (art and Spettacolo) presenting his final work on Italian Rap. He is the leader of the band until 2005. With the band he achieves seven cd and hundrers of concerts in Italy and foreign countries. In 1998, with the album "4 battute di povertà" (distributed by Sony music) he participates with his band to the "Premio Tenco", the famous meeting where italian and foreign author s give their tribute to one of the most important italian poet, Luigi Tenco. The meeting goes off in the Ariston Theatre of Sanremo. The band will be present to the meetin g also in 2001 and 2002 with a Tribute to Sergio Endrigo. In 1999 the band participates with Teresa De Sio to the project "La Notte del Dio che balla". This work involves "" and many others musicians as Vinicio Capossela, Daniele Sepe and Agricantus in a interesting italian tournée. After the realisation of the cd, the band arrives with Teresa to the big concert of the 1° of May in Rome, in San Giovanni Square. In the same period Peppe knows Giancarlo and Fulvio Cauteruccio, creators of the thatrical company "Krypton". In 2000, he realises with this company "Roccu u Stortu", the history on the mutiny of a calabrian soldier, during the Big War. Written by Francesco Suriano, directeb by Fulvio Cauteruccio who is also the first actor, original music by Il Parto delle Nuvole Pesanti, the play, strong accusation against the war, is one of the 20 best plays of the year. More than hundreds performances in the most important italian theatres, "Teatro Valle" (Rome) or "Teatro dei Filodrammatici" (Milan). In 2000 he creates EMIR "Ente Musicisti Italiani Rilassati", Italian Relaxing Musicians Company and he publishes "Raggia", poetries and songs in calabrian dialect with english text and presented in Faenza by the critic Vittorio Sgarbi, and "Ciani", illegal romance with anonimous author and serial publication on the web but that, thanks to the contribution of its readers, it is published on paper. In 2001, after a tour in the United States with the calabrian actor Totonno Chiappetta, the idea of realising a play on the life of Domenico Modugno "Mr Volare" takes place. The title of the play is "Voleva fare l’artista" "He wanted to be an artist" and it has its first performance in the Saint Martin Theatre, in Bologna, in the presence of Franca Gandolfi, Domenico Modugno’s wife. The meeting with the calabrian director Giuseppe Gagliardi is one of the most important moments for Peppe artistic life, infact, together, they decide on realising "Doichlanda" a documentary-film on the italian emigration places in Germany. The film wins the jury prize to the Turin Festival 2003 and it is choosen by the Goethe Institute as the testimonial of the celebrations of the 50 years of italian emigration in Germany. The film is shown also in Prague, London, Washington, Colonia, Monaco and Francoforte. From "Doichlanda" the video of "Onda Calabra" is extracted. In 2004, the video receives the prize of best video during the indipendent labels meeting of Faenza. In Novembre 2003, he participates to a trip to Iraq having a concert for peace in the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad. With him many other artists: the photographer Michele Stallo, and the poet Peppe Goffredo. The trip becomes a documentary-film "Sotto il cielo di Baghdad", "Under Baghdad sky" by Mario Balsamo e Stefano Scialotti. Peppe participates with Rambaldo degli Azzoni, Enrico Captano, Antonio Mannu, Antonio Onorato, Goran Kuzminac, to the creation of the pacifist association "Salam Baghdad" and with all other artists , he is involded in a rich tour all over Italy. The tour starts a cd. "L’altra faccia della guerra", "The other side of the war". Meanwhile, another play created and directyed by the Krypon comapny takes place. The title of the playis "Iconoclast", ispired to the legendary english band Sex Pistols. The text is written by Gianpaolo Spinato. The direction is by Fulvio Cauteruccio and the music are by Peppe and Marco 99Posse from Naples. Peppe, singer and actor, plays the role of Jhonny Rotten. In Bologna Peppe meets Claudio Lolli, italian singer and sonwriter. In 2002, the remake of the historical album "Ho visto anche degli zingari felici"(1976), sees the light. Live recordered with new Parto arrangements after 26 years from the original. Produced and distributed by Storiedinote. Claudio Lolli and "Il Parto" will be present to the final day of the "Premio Ciampi" in Livorno. In 2004, Peppe participates as host and interpreter to the tv show "Follie Rotolanti" (Rai2), with Elenoire Casalegno and the singer and composer Davide Van des Sfross. In the same year, he creates, with Parto and other artists (Ettore Castagna, and Carlo Muratori) the show " Pietre e Mandorle" represented for the first time in Italy, to the Paleariza Festival (Bova, Reggio Calabria). In December 2004 he receives the freedom of the city of Castiglione Casentino (Cs). In October 2005, after a very long tour with his band, some important participations as for example the big concert of Rome "I° Maggio" oand the apparition on the first page of one of the most important italian music review, Mucchio Selvaggio, Peppe live sto United State sto participate to Giuseppe Gagliardi new production. The title is "La vera leggenda di Tony Vilar" "The true legend of Tony Vilar" where Peppe is the protagonist-actor and also the soundtrack composer. The film is the history of a trip in search of a famous Argentine singer totally disappeared from the stage. Anyone knows where he is. The search moves among the Italian communities in Buenos Aires and New York, between emigrates, old actors, musicians, pizza chefs and barbers of the littel Italy. The other actors of the film are: Cristina Mantis, Dario De Luca, Saverio La Ruina, Allis Mc Anzie, Totonno Chiappetta and Mabel Lando. The film is produced by Sarah and Gino Pennacchi and Andrea Kerkoc. In January 2006, Peppe leaves the band and begins his soloist career.