Salmo – Milano – 12 luglio 2021
Stadio San Siro
Milano,Via Piccolomini, 5

Salmo – Milano – 12 luglio 2021

12 luglio 2021 - 21:00
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Salmo, aka Maurizio Pisciottu (born June 29, 1984), is an Italian rapper. His 2016 album Hellvisback placed at the first place on the Italian hit parade.


Early years

Born in Olbia in 1984 Salmo began his musical career at age 13, recording the early strophes between 1997 and 1998. In 1999, he made and published the demo Premeditazione e dolo with olbian rappers Bigfoot and Skascio (with which formed the Premeditazione e dolo group), while in 2004 published the first demo solo, entitled Sotto pelle. The following year, Salmo self-produced and released his second demo Mr. Antipatia.

To his solo career, Salmo also flanked some projects with several groups, firstly the rap metal band Skasico, with which he recorded and produced the albums Therapy (2004), 21 Grams (2006) Orange and Bloom (2008). In 2008, he instead collaborated with the Ed Gein in the production of Toedgein (2008) and Shell Shock (2011), while in 2009 he produced the Merciful Bullets EP of stoner rock band Three Pigs Trip.

The Island Chainsaw Massacre and Death USB

In 2011, Salmo published his first studio album, titled The Island Chainsaw Massacre, which quickly gave notoriety to the rapper in the national rap scene. The following year Salmo appeared in the mixtape Machete Mixtape (self-produced by Machete Empire Records) in which several rappers of the Italian scene took part, such as Ensi, Bassi Maestro, Clementino and MadMan. Inside the record appears the song Go Jack!, a dissing turned to Pino Scotto.

Furthermore, in the same year Salmo released his second album Death USB, published on 23 February, which saw the publication of five Video clips, namely those of Il pentacolo, Negative Youth, Death USB, Doomsday and Demons to Diamonds. Also, at the MTV Hip Hop Awards 2012, Salmo won in the category "Best Crossover". Still in 2012, the rapper took part to the realization of Machete Crew mixtape Machete Mixtape Vol II, in which are present Stupido gioco del rap and Disobey, from which some video clips have been extracted, published on 17 November and 24 January 2013.

Midnite (2013)

On March 18, 2013, the rapper announced the track list of his third album Midnite (slang for "midnight"), published on April 2 and first teased in March 21 by the single Russell Crowe. The album debuted at the first position on the Italian music industry organization's rankings. On April 18, Rob Zombie's video clip, a song made in collaboration with Noyz Narcos, was released, while the video clip of S.A.L.M.O. was released on July 1st. On July 22, the video clip of the song Killer Game was released, in collaboration with Gemitaiz and MadMan, while Midnite on July 25 was certified as a gold record for reaching the threshold of 30,000 copies sold.

In August, the rapper collaborated with Dutch horrorcore group Dope D.O.D. in the track Blood Shake, which was officially released on September 5th. The video clip was published in December.

The Island, a single featured with El Raton, En?gma and DJ Slait, was released on September 17, the date when the video was also released. On the 7th of October was released the video clip of Midnite's closing track, Faraway, while on November 26 was released that for the piece Space Invaders, which saw the participation of Nitro.

On December 24, the rapper released a Christmas freestyle entitled Buon N ***** in collaboration with rappers Gemitaiz and MadMan.

S.A.L.M.O. Documentary and the release from Tanta Roba (2014)

On May 19, 2014, through his Facebook page, Salmo announced his release from Tanta Roba, revealing that the fourth studio album would be published by Machete Empire and that the latest publication, with the label of DJ Harsh and Gué Pequeno, it would have been the live album S.A.L.M.O. Documentary, released June 17. This last album contains some songs performed live during the tour in support of Midnite, a documentary and the unreleased Mussoleeni, published digitally on June 5th.

On 5 August 2014 the rapper released the first single named La bestia in me for the Mixtape Machete Mixtape III, a record of Machete Empire. It released the 23rd of September. On 2 September the music video for the song Venice Beach, from Machete Mixtape III, was published exclusively on the Red Bull website.

Hellvisback (2015-2016)

Towards the end of 2014 he directed the videoclip of the single Sabato of famous Italian singer Jovanotti, together with Antonio Usbergo and Nicolò Celaia (both of YouNuts!). The collaboration with Jovanotti continued during 2015 with the realization of a remix of Sabato and with the participation at the Lorenzo negli stadi 2015 Tour as opening artist. In 2015 Salmo also collaborated with Noyz Narcos and Fritz da Cat on the song Dal tramonto all'alba, published as third single from Localz Only album on May 29th of the same year.

On December 18, 2015 Salmo published the single 1984, entirely composed by the rapper himself and promoted by the related videoclip released on the same day; at the same time as the release of the single, the fourth studio album Hellvisback, released on February 5, 2016, was also announced.

This album contains two featurings in the same song: Il Messia featuring Victor Kwality and Travis Barker, the drummer of Blink-182. The album got an incredibile success, with a Gold record (more than 25 000 copies sold) after one week. In 2017 it gets the Double Platinum status. On November 25th, the album was re-released with the addition of a second CD consisting of live and two unreleased tracks, including the single Don Medellín.


Studio albums

  • 2011 – The Island Chainsaw Massacre

  • 2012 – Death USB

  • 2013 – Midnite

  • 2014 – S.A.L.M.O. Documentary

  • 2016 – Hellvisback

  • 2018 – Playlist

With Skasico

  • 2004 – Terapia

  • 2006 – 21 Grams

  • 2008 – Orange Bloom EP

With Three Pigs' Trip

  • 2010 – Merciful Bullets (EP)