Piano Summer Salento – Miku Nishimoto
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Piano Summer Salento


Miku Nishimoto

Piano Summer Salento – Miku Nishimoto

30 agosto 2021 - 21:30
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Serata di musica classica per pianoforte.

Il concerto comincia alle ore 21:30. Le porte aprono alle ore 21:00.

L'evento avrà luogo nella corte aperta del Chiostro.
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Le vendite online sono terminate. I biglietti rimanenti saranno venduti I giorni dei concerti nel luogo stesso dalle ore 19:30 alle ore 21:00.

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Italian Concerto BWV971
English Suite no. 2 BWV807

Sonata op. 111

The Japanese pianist Miku Nishimoto has lived and worked in Europe for many years. After completing her studies in Hanover with Professor Karl-Heinz Kämmerling, she received further important stimuli in Munich through working with Klaus Schilde, Andreas Schmidt. Her concerts in Germany and other European countries soon attracted wider recognition. Prizes at international competitions, among others in Porto, Vevey or at the Bach competition in Leipzig testify to the exceptional skill evident in her compelling piano performances.

Nishimoto-Neubert's sense of style is central to her interpretative approach. This enables the pianist to convey a wide spectrum ofofusic to her listeners. Her sensitive articulation and musical understanding is brought to bear on a wide range of musical genres including piano chamber music. A number of recordings testify to the broad repertoire of the pianist, ranging from Bach to contemporary works. She places special emphasis upon the Romantic and Impressionist piano literature.

For several years she has been for accompaniment at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Munich. In October 2017 she was appointed an honorary professor.