Piano Summer Salento – Zoran Imširović – Nardò
Chiostro dei Carmelitani
Nardò,Corso Vittorio Emanuele II
Piano Summer Salento


Zoran Imširović

Piano Summer Salento – Zoran Imširović – Nardò

28 agosto 2021 - 21:30
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Serata di musica classica per pianoforte.

Il concerto comincia alle ore 21:30. Le porte aprono alle ore 21:00.

L'evento avrà luogo nella corte aperta del Chiostro.
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Le vendite online sono terminate. I biglietti rimanenti saranno venduti I giorni dei concerti nel luogo stesso dalle ore 19:30 alle ore 21:00.

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Toccata BWV912 D Major

Sposalizio „Anne du Pelerinage II“
La lugubre gondola I & II
Invocation „Harmonies poetiques et religieuses“
Valse oubilee no. 1
Consolation no. 3

Iberia Book I
• Evocation
• El Puerto
• Fête – Dieu à Séville

Zoran Imširović was born in 1979 in Yugoslavia. At the age of fourteen, he started his music education in Niš in Svetlana Korunović’s class, while simultaneously being tutored by Miroslava Lila Petrović in Belgrade. In 1997, Zoran was accepted in the Richard Strauss Conservatory in Munich, his main professors having been distinguished pianists such as Vadim Sukhanov, Michael Leslie, Gernot Sieber, Roxana Steubing and Olaf Dressler. Pivotal musical impulses arose from the longtime work with Klaus Schilde and Eliso Virsaladze and from master classes with Rudolf Kehrer, Michail Voskresensky, Amadeus Vebersinke, Georg Sava, Karl Betz, Naum Starkman, Eliso Virsaladze, Klaus Schilde, Konrad Richter and Menahem Pressler.

After completing his studies, he started an international concert career by presenting his work in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Malta and the former Yugoslavian countries. Especially noteworthy is his FRANZ LISZT SUPERSTAR tour, which took place on the occasion of the composer’s 200th birth anniversary and was also showcased on German public television. Among other awards and distinctions, he has won the Golden Lion of Veneto in Italy.

As an artist, Zoran in constant search for new ways to bring music closer to the audiences and for this reason he initiated in 2014 the PIANO SUMMER project. Zoran has participated in festivals such as Kammermusik Festival Nürnberg, Klavierfestival Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Musikherbst Radolfzell, The Flower of Tisa, Chopin Fest Belgrade, Brahms Festival Heide. He is also a regular performer at concerts organized by the Goethe-Institut, Heinrich Böhl Stiftung, Pinakothek der Moderne Munich, Konzerthaus Berlin, Konzerthaus Bleibach, Richard Strauss Villa Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Palazzo Del Gran Guardia Verona, Hubert Burda Hall Munich, Nymphenburg Palace, the Munich Residence, Ars Bosnae, Centre Culturel de Serbie Paris, Balkannet, Sarajevo Art and SANU.