Privacy Policy


Privacy policy for personal information – Report ex art.13 DLgs. 196\2003. Italian bylaws
In accordance with the Italian Bylaws regarding personal data protection we inform:

Responsible for Data Processing
Responsibility for data processing lies  within Tixplan S.r.l.s., owner of the website “OOOH.Events”, with legal offices in Via Marche 54, 00197 Roma Italia, amongst the legal reppresentative of the company.

Use of the collected data
Personal data you provide, or collected during execution of any of the services provided by Tixplan, can be utilized only for services provisions for the following:
Signing up on website  OOOH.Events
Access to the service of tickets sales
Technical communication in the event of system errors during tickets sales

Data change on Personal Profile
You will be able to change your profile in any moment you wish from your Personal Profile Menu.

Data Change on Organizer’s Profile
In terms of fairness and clarity towards event’s participants, and once a single ticket has been sold, it is preferred not to change Organizer’s Profile data, including company information and Tax ID. Should it be absolutely necessary to change date, please contact our customer service.

Data Processing
Data  is processed electronically so to guarantee security and privacy and are preserved on servers belonging to TIX Production (ticketing system manager) located in Germany

Non approval to Data Processing
In the event of services provided, (ie: ticket sales, signing up) a potential refusal to allowing data processing, implies the inability to provide the service. The data collected are not and will never be subject to circulation.

Data Storage
Data will be stored by Tixplan according to the current bylaws and will be managed by appointed professionals who will perform data processing under supervision and responsibility of Tixplan.

Data Cancellation
In accordance with  art. 7 of the above bylaws, we inform you that you can edit and update your data autonomously (in the Personal Profile) . Your profile can be deleted completely  through the Personal Profile Menu . Please note that if you have bought a ticket on our website for which you have been sent an invoice/fiscal receipt, we are compelled to retain such document for a 5 year period as requested by the current bylaws.