Terms and Conditions


Please read carefully the following terms and conditions before using our online self service ticketing system.


A) Event
An event, with regards to the current context, is a venue that happens in a specific period of time during which ticket holders may assist to venue itself (show, exhibition, course, professional seminar etc). Participating to an event can be either free of charge or the event organizer can require payment for the admission.

B) Participant
Event participants or spectators are the clients/customers who, having purchased or granted for free an admission title for an event, have acquired the right to assist to the specific event.

C) Organizer
The Organizer (company or person) has the responsibility to define content and execution process of the event (ticket prices, location and conditions). He is the sole responsible for the success of the event  as for the legal and fiscal obbligations.

D) Admission titles or Tickets
An admission title or ticket is the document issued by OOOH.Events, that allows participants (customers/clients) to assist to the specific event pubblished on OOOH.Events.


1. Service offered by OOOH.Events
The service offered on this web site can be defined as an online self servce ticketing system. This means that the Organizer, after having registered his profile with all his relevant data – can create an event autonomously defining all aspects: immages, videos description, access conditions, sales, reimbursements prices, locations etc).

2. Types of Events
By means of OOOH.Events it is possibile to create and manage the issuing of admission titles for free events or paid events.

3. Geographic Coverage and Currency
The service offered by OOOH.Events is available for all countries; the currency managed is the Euro, and transfers are exclusively made in Euros. Transfers within the SEPA area are free of charge; however, bank fees for wire transfers to banks outside the SEPA area will be charged to the organizer. Consequently, no wire transfer will be arranged if bank fees exceed the income from event sales.

4. Bundles
The Organizer can create bundle deals by associating a ticket to the sale of a good or service (i.e. meal, gadget, hotel etc).

5. Organizer’s responsibility
The Organizer is the sole responsible of the event’s nature, content and proposed topics of the venue, of the truthfullness of the given information in both the description of the event and in the Organizer’s Profile.
The Organizer, by using our system, agrees to and accepts the terms and conditions herewith listed and gurantees that:
– utilized files (text, immages, videos) for the presentation of the event do not violate third party rights, including Copyright, registered brands, and Privacy;
– Fiscal information (Company name, headoffices, VAT number) are true.

6. Banned Events 
Events that by nature will tend to divulge defamatory, offensive, pornographic, obscene, intimidating, vulgar, that have racial and /or religious prejudice, foment violence or intollerance to religious belief that encourage or suggest illegal activities and that violate privacy and Copyright policies, will be banned.
OOOH.Events reserves the right, at the incontestable discretion, to suspend the publishing of an event that is not compliant with the herabove terms listed: in case of tickets that have been already issued, such tickets will be refunded promptly with the exclusion of the OOOH.Events’ and Credit Card fees as the service has been provide.

7. Free admission event with postponed payments (offline)
Free admission events, for which it is requested a deferred payment dued on site and beyond our ticketing system, is not allowed.
Any event configured in such way to intend a deffere payment, will be removed fromm the OOOH.Events system and the Organizer will be blocked.

8. Service costs and payment tools
The cost of the OOOH.Events service, applied to every ticket sold, is composed by a fixed fee and a variable fee.
The final amount is added on top of the ticket price estblished by the Organizer.
You can find details of the costs in the section Pricing of the site.

9. Sales revenues distribution and fiscal requirements
As the service cost is added to the ticket price, OOOH.Events issues a fiscal receipt for its fees to the (paying) customer. The Organizer will have to issue to each participant – during the event – a fiscal receipt or invoice for the amount of the ticket sold and eventual bundles on the basis of the fiscal requirements foreseen in the country/region to which the organizer has applied.
The amount collected by OOOH.Events on behalf of the Organizer through the sales of the admission titles, will be transferred to the Organizer – via bank transfer – 5 days after the event date so to allow customers to advise on potential cancellation of the event.
In case participants should advise on the cancellation of the event and prior to verification, OOOH.Events will reimburse the amount of the ticket price only as the service offered has been completed despite the event has taken place or not.
OOOH.Events, as ticketing system platform, has no responsibility on the quality of the event or the services and goods connected nor on the participants satisfaction.

10. Event cancellation, reimbursement, postponement. 
Please note that event tickets are non-refundable. Once your payment has been submitted, your purchase is final.
In case of event cancellation, tickets price only will be refunded, commission fees will be withheld.

11. Loss or Theft of admission titles / tickets
Tickets can be downloaded in PDF format from our site from “Your Tickets” menu. Tickets are personal: an identity document will not be requested at the venue, unless specified by the organizer. To access you will need to show the QR Code on the ticket.

12. Modifying an event or the Organizer’s Profile
It is not possible, once a single ticket has been sold, to modify an event or the Organizer’s profile. Such limitation is to preserve customer’s rights and to avoid buying a ticket for an event presented in a certain way and substantially modified once tickets are sold.
In the same way, and to guarantee transparency towards customers, the Organizer’s profile can not be changed : should there be urgent needs to modify the profile,( ie. change of company name or headquarters) the Organizer can register a new account or contact support to require modifications.

13. Data assignment to Organizers
OOOH.Events will share with the Organizer personal and fiscal data provided by customers only to the organizer of the specific event chosen so to allow the aforementioned Organizer to issue fiscal receipts and/or invoces  – dued by law  – referred to the admission title / ticket and potential services or goods related.

14. Customer’s notifications
Customers can notify any irregularity, improper uses of the service and violations of the current rugulation at the email address: abuse@oooh.events.

15. Responsibility
– Service continuity
To deliver the service, OOOH.Events collaborates with a group of suppliers who guarantee service continuity  to the limits of technological feasability, internet and international connectivity.
OOOH.Events has structured its resources so to insure automatic backup solutions in case of system failures.
In any case OOOH – and its controlling company, Tixplan – can not be held responsible for system interruptions/failures due to serious technical issues, connectivity failures or other issues due to force majeure.
– Commercial Responsibility
The service provided by OOOH.Events reppresents a valid opportunity for the small/medium size Organizer who is willing to equip himself with online sales functionalities without having to sustain investments on physical and traditional ticketing systems.
In light of this and by nature of the proposed service, the self service system can not guarantee reliability standards as a on-site physical ticketing system which includes a technical support service and emergency procedures in case of bad functioning or system failures.
The Organizer is therefore responsible for deciding to utilize an online ticketing system (as this one) or, instead, equip himself with a system capable of facing emergencies or critical issues.
OOOH.Events is not responsible for direct or indirect, accidental or of any type of damages consequent to system failure even if Tixplan (responsible for the serice) has been qdequately informed on such issues.
– Confidential data
OOOH.Events can not access data related to Credit Cards – which are input directly by the customer on the payment gateway – therefore, in no possible way it can preserve confidential or reserved data.

16. Payment Tools
Admission titles/Tickets, ancillary services and goods can be purchased only trough the payment gateways available on our site.

17. Improper Username 
OOOH.Events has the right to refuse the registration of a User (and deleting the account) in case such user choses a username which, to OOOH.Events sole discretion, is either vulgar, obscene, indecent or improper.

18. Court of Jurisdiction
For any dispute or litigation, the court of jurisdiction will be exclusively located in Rome – Italy – also the aforewritten terms and conditions are applicable under the Italian Jurisdiction and in case of dispute, the potential litigation will consider valid the document written (and available on the site) in Italian.

Guarantees and Returns (European Union)

Only for events held in Italy;
Provvedimento Agenzia delle Entrate del 23/7/2001
Provvedimento Agenzia delle Entrate del 22/10/2002
Provvedimento Agenzia delle Entrate del 4/3/2008
Provvedimento Agenzia delle Entrate del 27/6/2019

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