Zapier integration

2020-05-22T16:17:55+02:00 is integrated with Zapier to provide our organizers the possibility to make use of the possibilities the Zapier ecosystem has to offer.

For now we have 3 triggers:

  • New Order
  • New Event
  • New Attendee Check-in

Each trigger returns a data Object which belongs to one of the types described below:



id: Id (integer)
event: Information about the Event
tickets: Array of Tickets
billing: Billing details
payment_date: Payment date and time with timezone
prod_count: Product count in the order (integer)
total: Total with fees (float)
total_excl_fees: Total without fees (float)
total_service_fees: Sum of service fees (float)
total_gateway_fees: Sum of gateway fees (float)
vat: total vat (float)
currency: currency code


id: Id (integer)
title: Title
start: Start Date (with timezone)
end: End Date (with timezone)
location: Location (returned only in the New Event trigger)


name: Name
lat: Latitude (float)
lng: Longitude (float)
country: Two letter country code
city: City
address: Street Address
postal_code: Postal or Zip Code


id: Id (string)
seat: Seat name (in the case of events without a seatmap it’s a numeric identifier (string).
name: Attendee Name,
surname: Attendee Surname
tariff: Tariff
price: Total price with fees (not rounded) (float),
price_excl_fees: Price without fees (float)
bundles: Array of eventual Bundles


bundle_id: Id of the Bundle purchased with this ticket (affects ticket price) (int)
option: Bundle option name, if an option was chosen (does not affect ticket price)


type: Private (private) or Company (company)
name: Name
state: State or Province
address: Street Address
city: City
country_code: Two letter country code
country_name: Country
country_tax: Tax Rate (0-1, 1 means 100%)
postal_code: Postal or Zip code
vat: VAT Number
cf: Codice Fiscale (Italian Tax Code)
pec: Codice PEC (Italian PEC Address)
sdi: Codice SDI (Italian SDI Code)


id: Id of the ticket (string)
seat: Seat name (in the case of events without a seatmap it’s a numeric identifier (string).
name: Attendee Name
surname: Attendee Surname


New order

This trigger fires, when a new order is placed (it only fires in the moment of payment) on

Returns an Order object.

It is useful for event organizers (in fact it reports orders only on events created by you – the organizer who created the event), so that they can take different actions based on the received information.

Sample data payload:

"id": 726,
"event": {
"id": 7713,
"title": "Test event",
"start": {
"date": "2020-05-30 11:25:00.000000",
"timezone": "Europe/Rome"
"end": {
"date": "2020-05-30 12:25:00.000000",
"timezone": "Europe/Rome"
"tickets": [
"id": "d8ba8acc3687692207da971",
"seat": "001119",
"name": "John",
"surname": "Smith",
"tariff": "Adult entry ticket",
"price": 12.86103,
"price_excl_fees": 12,
"bundles": []
"billing": {
"type": "private",
"name": "John Smith",
"state": "Roma",
"address": "Via Grande 1",
"city": "Roma",
"country_code": "IT",
"country_name": "Italy",
"country_tax": 0,
"postal_code": "001234",
"vat": "123456789123445",
"cf": "",
"pec": "",
"sdi": ""
"payment_date": {
"date": "2020-05-15 18:25:09.000000",
"timezone": "Europe/Rome"
"prod_count": 1,
"total": 12.86103,
"total_excl_fees": 12,
"total_service_fees": 0.74,
"total_gateway_fees": 0.12,
"vat": 0,
"currency": "eur"

New Event

This trigger fires, when a new event is created by a specific organizer.

Returns an Event object

It takes the organizer_url (string) parameter, which is the full URL of the organizer on For example:

This trigger can be useful for somebody (or the organizer itself) who would like to monitor a specific organizer and publish all his events on another platform (for example automatically create a Facebook post for each newly published event on the organizer’s Facebook Page).

Sample data payload:

"id": 7715,
"title": "Live concert at the Opera Hall",
"start": {
"date": "2020-05-20 20:20:00.000000",
"timezone": "Europe/Rome"
"end": {
"date": "2020-05-20 22:20:00.000000",
"timezone": "Europe/Rome"
"location": {
"name": "Concerto in live streaming del 20 Maggio",
"lat": "41.8562772",
"lng": "12.4392289",
"country": "IT",
"city": "Roma",
"address": "Via Tommaso Vallauri 45",
"postal_code": "00151"

New Attendee Check-in

This trigger fires, when an event attendee is checks in to an event (the QR code of his/her ticket is scanned with mobile app)

Returns a Check-in object.

It takes the event_url (string) parameter, which is the full URL of the event on For example: It is only available for the organizer of the event.

This can be useful for example if the organizer would like to register the attendees who actually attended the event in a spreadsheet. A more interesting use-case could be to display a personalized welcome message on a giant led screen upon the arrival of each attendee 🙂

Sample data payload:

"id": "57f554755fb97ea6863c25b",
"seat": "001182",
"name": "John",
"surname": "Smith"