10 rules to drive sales on your online ticketing system


Offering for sale an event on web, unfortunately it is no guarantee for a sold out venue!
Luckily, when talking about e-commerce, many steps ahead have been done in the past years to the point where there are no specific rules to stimulate sales and obtain better results.

You, the organizer, can take advantage of the following hints and advices to better utilize these online sales tools.

1) Sales + Promotion

An online sales system is, of course , a sales tool. It becomes a promotional tool if A) pages that describe the product(events) are well optimized for SEO therefore the event becomes more visible on search engines; if B) the tool completes the sales process and easily transforms a “visitor” ina “customer”; an lastly, if C) the sales platform has good visibility on the internet and, therefore, offers visibility to the hosted events. OOOH.Events makes these three opportunities available to the organizers.

Clearly, also the organizer has to actively contribute to the sales process. In fact, the online sales tool is positioned at the end of the communication process of the event: after the user has been “attracted” by the communication on social media, on the organizer’s website or through any other form of promotion, he will be induced to land on the sales system where to complete the purchase.

To clarify: if you have a facebook page, a group, a site, a presence on other channels where you have already invested to create a user, that is the place to communicate to your customers/followers/fans where they can buy your product/service/event.

So don’t skip this step: no one will consult the online sales platforms to decide which show to watch, don’t be misled by those who tell you otherwise.

2) Not all social media are the same

Remember that not all social networks are the same: there are some social platforms that work very well as support for sales, and among these the most effective are Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

Do not underestimate them because – even if they seem less popular and not as simple in allowing you to reach a large number of followers – they are actually much more successful to obtain interesting sales results.

3) Present your event in the best way

If you use Amazon to buy a product, you expect that the product’s description is exhaustive: you don’t buy a mattress if you can’t find all the specifications of that mattress.

There’s no difference when talking about events: the event page is the place where you will present your “product” to your potential customers and encourage him to buy it.

Starting from the event’s title, then the short description, the photos, the video and the extended description – including your terms and limitations of use – everything must be thought carefully to finalize the purchase.

Here are some basic tips:

  • title: in the title you have to indicate two key elements: the content (the artist, the band, the subject) and the location. For the location, you can also use the abbreviated formula @ local-name;
  • short description: it is the “shriek” that will also be seen on search engines and, specifically, is a commercial text. So here you have to use the strongest arguments (eg: single date on Planet Earth!, only for one day! Special web price!) Because you have to create a sense of urgency in your potential customer. In other words, you have to convey the message that the event is an opportunity that has to be taken instantly otherwise it is gone;
  • URL: the sales system allows you to create a custom URL. The URL will be automatically generated from the title of the event (eg: https://oooh.events/eventi/titolo-dell-evento-a-nome-del-locale) but you can modify or add elements, because the URL can also be very long and it is fundamental for a correct positioning on search engines;
  • images: do not forget the images, put beautiful and captivating photos, preferably more than one;
  • video: on OOOH.Events you can also put YouTube videos in the event tab. Use a video of a previous event, or a clip of the artist, to allow your customers to know the artist or the content;
  • extended description: here you can type a longer text to describe in detail who the artist is, what is the content or what will happen during the event. Don’t forget the terms and limitations you may want to apply: your refund policy, the price’s description  with an indication of eligibility (eg: reduced ticket for juniors under  X years or seniors over Y years), description of your offers (eg Early Bird discounted only up to day X or 3×2 offer at price Y), any limitations (eg dogs can not enter, dress code), if there are facilities (parking? bus? subway? etc.).

4) don’t forget the keywords

Always remember that the search engine algorithms track keywords inside your text: if your event is about artist X or it’s about content Y, repeat these words several times in the text, so to make clear to Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. what you want them to track and reach those users who are looking for that specific thing.

5) set a competitive online price  compared to normal cash desk price

Make online buying attactive for your customer because it is beneficial to you.

If the online price is equal or even higher compared to the one you normally apply at your cash desk, nobody will buy online. On the other hand, a lower online price- including the pre-sale fee and service commissions – will encourage users to buy online. And every online sale means less work to be done during the day of the venue: less queues, less cash management problems, a better overall “user experience”.

6) use “offers”, create opportunities

Don’t just publish a single tariff, it is something that noone does any more: from airlines to supermarkets, from Amazon to planetary events such as Black Friday. Even “administrative fines” are discounted if you pay in advance :-).

Why are you still waiting? Manage your tariffs through an advanced ticketing system, by setting a standard price, a discounted early bird for those who buy in advance, a last minute that can be activated automatically a few hours from the event if you haven’t sold all your tickets.

With OOOH.Events you can set all the tariffs you want, without any limitations.

7) how much do commissions affect ticket price?

Internet sales cannot be at no cost. Some products on Ebay cost a few euros, but then needs to be added shipping costs which can add up to 5 or 7 euros.

The same logics apply to event sales: behind OOOH.Events there is a ticketing system approved by local Administration authorities, a complex and burdensome process that has led to the creation of a very sophisticated system which, moreover, requires qualified resources to be managed correctly.

For the organizer the use of OOOH.Events is totally free: the service fees are added to the cost of the ticket defined by the organizer, and invoiced directly to the final customer.

Service fees are small, it is no coincidence that our competitors apply higher rates: we have worked hard to keep fees low, but lower than this its impossible.

And even though we are talking about small service fees, there may be circumstances in which the incidence of few cents on a ticket – on a very low ticket price, – meaning 2 or 3 euro – may seem high.

But there are escamotages. If, for example, your ticket is 2.5 euros, instead of creating a single pass you could create an “1 pass for 2 people” at 5 euros: in this way your customer will spend 5 euros + our commissions (0.50 + 2% + 0.95% for online payment) or € 5.66, to have a valid pass for 2 people: by doing this the impact of our service fees will be of 33 cents per person. Finding something better on web is hard work 🙂

8) and if I wanted to absorb the costs of the service?

If you want to absorb the service fee, you may always ticket price: if for example your standard ticket – the one you sell atcash desk – is 10 euros, and you don’t want your customer to pay for the service fees, you can set the online ticket price at 9.22 euros to have a total cost for customers at 10 euros, including service fees.

9) optimize sales, link a gadget sale to a ticket sale

Once you have attracted your customer and brought him on event page, you can still introduce other attractive elements for him to purchase: add to the ticket sale a gadget, a drink or a book, a CD, a t-shirt. In other words, create a further inviting commercial offer by associating a good or a service to the ticket sale. In this way you will get two results:

  1. your online sales wil be more attractive;
  2. you will have capitalized your effort to attract your customer: having gained his attention and availability.
  3. you will have the opportunity to sell two things instead of one.

10) use presale to finance yourself.

Selling online is not just a way to know in advance the appreciation of your event: in many cases it is mandatory to be able to finance yourself prior to sustaining costs.

If the talent, the artist, the speaker  of your eventrequires advanced payment, or if the organization of the event requires you to support some costs prior to the date of your event, online pre-sales allow you to raise economic resources (by anticipated sales) to address these costs.

As a rule, OOOH.Events will pay off the organizer within 5 days from the end of the event, but if you have special needs, contact us and we will be able to organize a monthly or weekly payment plan.

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