Alternative to Eventbrite


OOOH.Events alternative to EventbriteLooking for a cheaper solution that offers similar functionalities to Eventbrite?

Eventbrite is world-wide leader in the online self-service ticketing market.

If you are looking for a solution that offers similar functionalities to Eventbrite or want to switch to a cheaper alternative, you’ve found it with OOOH.Events!

Unlimited tariffs, early bird, last minute, promoter management, coupon, special offers, bundle ticket + goods or services (concessions, gadgets, CD, books, T-shirts, anything you like), private events, private tariffs, printable or mobile tickets, free tickets, discounted tickets (2×1 or 3×2), selective access control, staff management, newsletter, mailing … in other words, many features and sales options so to obtain the most from your event.

Of course, you may find some features on Eventbrite which aren’t available on OOOH.Events as – for example – badge printing: do you really need it?OOOH.Events: cheaper alternative to Eventbrite

OOOH.Events provides reports and charts to analyse your sales performances, promoter management and ticket type trends so to have full control of your business.

If you want to check out the list of all features available on OOOH.Events, follow  this link.

Create now your first event and start selling your tickets!



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