Organizing a Music EventOOOH.Events is the perfect tool to manage ticket sales for a music event.

A club, pub or restaurant owner, who is thinking of organizing a live music event often has the doubt to whether use professional tools to promote his event or keeping it cheap by spreading the news by word of mouth.

The advantage of a tool like OOOH.Events is that it allows you to promote your event effectively (on social network, with news letters or with banners) reaching those people who do not know the place nor the the band (therefore those who are not friends or customers)

Another advantage is that you will know in advance who and how many will attend so, should it be necessary, making the right adjustments before its too late: you will be able to evaluate if your communication and promotion has been effective or if it is necessary to activate further promotional activity or amend your prices to make the offer more attractive.

Moreover: an online ticketing system tool allows you to acquire a customer in the precise moment in which he sees your promotion. Else the result is obvious: the web user will see the post on Facebook, will tell himself that in a week time there will be a music band playing at the Joe Blow Pub an five minutes later he will forget all about it because stimulated by thousands of other information. Whereas if in that moment you can sell him a ticket, a good, a drink or a “promise to participate”, only then you will know the web user has turned into a customer.

Some may say that they don’t sell ticket to go to their pub/restaurant; why should they need an on line system and what should they sell? With OOOH.Events you can sell a drink instead of a ticket; a coupon for a cocktail, a brunch, a happy hour event with a discount on quantities.

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