Organizing an event and the Customer ExperienceOrganizing an event requires to manage correctly the sale process. As for all other types of event it is imperative that you need to ensure a perfect customer experience. Relationship with customer/participant/spectator begins on-line, on the web (PC or smart phone): that is the time where you begin interacting with your customer, when you give the first impression on your capability of managing effectively your relationship.
The fundamental items of the process are:

  • clear and detailed information: what we are offering, at which conditions, why should it be interesting for the customer;
  • visibility: the event is the opportunity for us to be recognized by the customer but also to achieve new clients. We therefore need to obtain two goals: consolidate the relationship with our loyal customers and stimulate interest on those who are not customers yet. In order to do so we have to be able to utilize effectively communication/promotional tools, by using all that Internet makes us available;
  • pre-sales: as soon as we capture the interest of our potential customer we need to offer him the possibility to “formally commit”. This is the time to sell him a ticket, offer him to register, commit to a participation whether its for free or there is a charge. It becomes imperative not to lose such moment because drawing someone’s attention is not easy task. This is the result of our effort, of our capability to correctly address the info and it is an opportunity that must not be lost. It may not happen again.
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